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From preschool to grade 8, students take French language studies with teachers Bree Tibble and Elizabeth Champagne.  All programs feature the four language learning skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Second language learning is intended to broaden the student’s mind through exposure to another culture and to a different way of viewing our world as expressed through language. 


Preschool/Kindergarten programs use music and art to introduce children to the French language.  The grades 1 to 8 French programs are activity-based, student centred programs that are intended to foster a positive attitude towards learning French.  The programs consist of Image 1 & 2 for the grades 1 to 2, Visage 1, 2, 3 for grades 3 to 5 and Passage 1, 2, 3 for grades 6 to 8.  Each program provides a foundation of skills that continues to grow throughout the student’s Montessori education. 


The program objectives are:


  •  to deliver a variety of strategies that will enable students to comprehend spoken and written French;
  • to enable students to complete projects involving communication in French;
  • to stimulate insights into English and French cultural similarities and differences as reflected in the languages;
  • to increase the student’s general knowledge by using French as a means for learning across the curriculum; and
  •  to develop in our students a positive attitude and acceptance of languages and cultures.


We aim to nurture these objectives by providing a solid foundation on which students will build throughout life.