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Our Foster Child



September /2015

This year our Grade 5 students will looking after spreading the news about Nismita. So look for more information from them.

To date we have not received any information since our last communication. Hopefully soon we will hear more. We will keep you posted.



Update: April 26,2015

As some of you might know now there has been a devasting earthquake which struck Saturday April 25th , 2015 and it was  7.9 on the richter scale the strongest in 80 years.

Information will be slow in getting out to everyone. I have checked on the Foster Parents plan and they are sending aid to the rural areas of Kathmandu. It does indicate that with one of the aftershocks over a 6 it has affected the airport and making it difficult for planes to land with the aid. I will provide updates on Nismita and her family and the school she attends when I receive them. In the time being please keep thoughts and prayers on Nepal and the people that live there. 




Update: December 2014

We received a letter from Nismita! It is translated by Minu Lama who is the community volunteer.

Hello and Namaste!

Nismita and her family are fine. They wish for you and your family's good health.

Nismita has received the letter, drawing, stickers, small flag and photo you sent. She is very happy. She liked it a lot.

Nismita enjoys studying and playing. She is studying in the fifth grade. She likes to eat Nepalese food 'Dhido' (thick porridge; made of corn flour and other grains like buckwheat) and 'Gundruk' (fermented leafy green vegetable).

Nismita and her family pray almighty for you and your family's wellbeing and success. That is all for today.


Update: November 7, 2014

Many thanks to the Hummingbird classes for drawing some awesome pictures for Nismita and for also sending along some Canadian souveniers. As we have seen mail can take months to get back and forth, but we look forward to hearing about Nismita and how her family are doing soon!

Thank you to everyone for the monthly contributions!


UPDATE:  September 18, 2014

We received a letter today in the mail from Nismata our foster child in Nepal! 


Dear Selkirk Montessori School,


Hello and Namaste!


Nismita and her family are fine here. They wish for you and your family's wellbeing there.

Nismita and her family are very happy to receive the letter, drawings adn greetings cards they you have sent. They have expressed their cordial thanks to you.

Nismita is pleased that she is able to communicate with a lot of friends through Plan. She is thankful to get their sweet love. She like all the colourful drawings.



Written by Rinu Shrestha/Community Voluteer


At Selkirk Montessori School, we not only make contributions to our local community but also to the global community. Recently, through Plan Canada, we received notification of our new foster child from Nepal. Her name is Nismita Pakhara.

Each month there will be a different class submitting communications from our school.  It started off in January with our Grade 7 and 8's sending a postcard with greetings from each of the students.

February, the Swallow Classroom (formerly the KP2 class) submitted some of the children's drawings to be mailed.

It will take up to 6-8 weeks for this information to reach Nismita as mail does take a while to get to Nepal. We hope that the students greetings will be met with excitement for Nismita, her family and their community.

Keep checking back in for updates on Nismata and the students of Selkirk Montessori.

Linda Dombrowski




UPDATE : May 14, 2014