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Strategic Planning 2016

We are in the best shape we have ever been!  We have a great reputation, a healthy wait list, a growing contingency fund, an addition to our beautiful building, dedicated and talented teachers and staff and a community of families committed to the Montessori philosophy and values.  As we look ahead, we need your help to make the school even better!  

The Board of Directors developed a refreshed three-year plan for the school.  Our objective was to build on the many positive aspects of Selkirk Montessori while strengthening those areas that require more attention.  How do we balance our time and resources, in ways that best serve our students today and tomorrow, when we have multiple long term objectives:

·       A fair and sustainable wage and benefit package for teachers;
·       A fair and sustainable tuition structure for families;
·       Further educational and personal development opportunities for our children;
·       An adequate contingency fund for unforeseen events;
·       A sustainable bursary program for families in need.

What are the most important aspects of the school we need to maintain, and what should be addressed in the next three years?  Where is it most important to put our limited time, energy and resources?

We created a survey intended to gather input from parents and teachers within the school community to help inform the planning process.  The Board asked:

·       Why they chose Selkirk
·       What they value
·       Why they stay
·       What is most important to develop or change


We asked a small group of board members, parents and staff to come together for workshops to create and refine our strategic plan based on the results of the survey.  Finally, we distributed the new Strategic Plan to our membership and staff in November 2016.